Ströher High-Tech Clinker Brick Slips


Cut from a moist line of clay – Not from solid brick                                                                                                                                                     

Fired in the most up-to-date high-technology kilns, Ströher clinker brick slips are drawn from moist clay in a way that conserves raw materials. Regardless of whether they are reduced, engobed or glazed. Ströher clinker brick slips are always extruded. And have been for 131 years. Expressive and Durable.

Natural ingredients also react naturally. They cannot be calculated down to the last detail. Each raw mixture contains particles that develop individually during the firing process. Fascinating colour spectrums require proper compositions, which are created by using a selection of over 50 different quality tones.

The combination of clinker brick slips and thermal composite insulation system delivers top performance  with a very environmentally friendly principle. Insulation, reinforcement and exterior finish. Single instead of double skin brickwork. No treatment for water repellancy, no impregnation, no extra foundations. The homogenous pore structure with breathable caplillary channels turns crude clay into functional ceramics with a membrane effect.

A special sinter firing lends Ströher clinker brick slips an especially dirt-resistant, colour fast and pressure resistant arhaic touch.


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