Specification La Covadonga Glazed Bricks

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Our models are available in many glaze colours and various textures: smooth, drag and rustic.

La Covadonga Glazed Bricks

Standard dimension (l x w x h):

Approx. 210 x 100 x 48 mm

Approx. 220 x 105 x 48 mm

Dimensions on request (l x w x h):

Approx. 210 x 100 x 65 mm

Approx. 215 x 102,5 x 65 mm

Category 1– HD clay masonry unit EN 771-1)

A glazed clay fired brick is a natural product. Colours, dimensions etc. are an indication and may deviate in practice.

For special colours, sizes, shapes, technical data or other information please contact us.


Colour options:

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